08 February 2008

Five Days Left

Hey, Landmarks Preservation Commission! Update your freakin' website!

The next public meeting is on Tuesday and there's still no agenda posted on the website. A call to the commission yesterday received a response that the agenda would be posted today. Still not there. The details for the Jan. 22 and Feb. 5 meetings were online 10 days to two weeks beforehand.

Though I guess they have until 5 PM to get it down, in today's development atmosphere in which every landmark is in danger of the wreaking ball, it's this kind of delay that breeds conspiracy theories. What exactly is on the agenda they they don't want the public to be prepared for?

I am no doubt overreacting. Hey, it's what I do.

UPDATE (Friday, 9 PM): Ah, the agenda is up. What a little whining will do!

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