09 February 2008

A Good Sign: Frank's Cocktail Lounge

Frank's is on Fulton Street in Fort Greene. This sign is on the side of the building. There used to be an even better old sign hanging off the facade at a perpendicular angle. Now it's gone, leaving only a rather boring awning. Still, gotta love a place that still calls itself a cocktail lounge.


Lidian said...

That is a very good sign indeed. I really like the little red cocktail glasses.

nickyjett said...

I lived in Brooklyn all my youth. (I was born and raised there. I even went to high school not to far from this location.) Still I've never noticed the gems that you spy. Thank you for the stroll down memory lane. Even better, thank you for the view!

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Thanks, Nickyjett. Surely one of the nicest comments I've ever received.