26 February 2008

What a Croc

What's going on with 143 Spring Street, the home some time ago of the barbeque place Tennessee Mountain, but the home lately of absolutely nothing?

The Crocs company—the Boulder, Colorado-based outfit that makes a ton of really popular, ugly shoes—bought the building back in the summer of 2006. One would think Crocs would have the money to open the location, or at least keep it up. But look at it. It's falling apart. The paint is chipped, the facade and windows are defiled with graffiti, windows are broken. I took a picture of it at this time last year and it was in significantly better shape. This is a historic, landmark building in one of the City's most visible landmark districts and it's just going to pot.

Some joker named William J. Rockwell Architect LL has filed a lot of papers lately with the DOB lately to begin a lot of construction work, but I don't see anything going on. I guess that's what happens when your landlord is in Longmont, Colorado.

143 Spring Street


Anonymous said...

Just a guess ... could there be bureaucratic delays caused by the property's conversion from restaurant to retail use?

Anonymous said...

Well said.....