12 February 2008

Some Stuff That's Interesting, and Some That's About Pizza

There's hope for St. Savior's in Maspeth.

Ancient Carroll Gardens bar P.J. Hanley's may soon serve ancient food of Italy.

The facade of 211 Pearl Street just doesn't look happy.

Developer Billy Stein gave 360 Smith architect Robert Scarano the heave-ho. Now, how do we give Billy Stein the heave-ho?

Di Fara slices are up to $4 and I don't care. They charge $3.50 for the crap as Sbarro's, don't they?


Lidian said...

Thanks for the link about St. Saviour's - I really hope this beautiful church is saved, will be glad when it is truly a done deed.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Me too, Lidian.