29 February 2008

A Good Sign: Lee's Chinese Laundry & Cleaners

Lee's Laundry Chinese & Cleaners? Huh? Oh, wait, Lee's Chinese Laundry & Cleaners.

In Riverdale, The Bronx.


Lidian said...

I'm surprised that this has survived in Riverdale...I remember a Chinese Hand Laundry in Yorkville, below street level, when I was a kid. I hope it is still there but I think it may not be.

Chinese American Historian By Chance said...

If you have interest in why Chinese ran laundries, and what happened to them, I created a link to a social history about Chinese laundries: http://samlee.squarespace.com/

Unknown said...

When i was young (50s&60s)there was a Lee's Chinese laundry in the building that i was raised in on Longwood Ave in the bx.I wonder if there is any family connection there,gee that would be great after all there years (40yrs at lease)