18 February 2008

The Mysterious Masks of Tiffany Place

In the middle of semi-swanky, old-world-charm Tiffany Place in Cobble Hill, on a wall some 100 feet away from the street, are hung on the gray bricks that replaced a onetime window two unusual, incongruous masks. You have to have a keen eye to notice them. The female mask is quite comely; it would be at home on top the proscenium of any old theatre. The male mask, meanwhile, is a fright; a Halloween-worthy visage with jug ears, a high forehead and deep-set eyes. They make for an unseemly couple. Toward the right is a third mask, a bright yellow, leonine godhead of some kind.

What it's all about, I've got not idea. Bound to creep you out if they catch you off guard some night, though.

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