11 March 2010

Cavalier Restaurant Butchers Follow Thru on Philistine Promise

After the unjust closing of Jackson Heights landmark restaurant Cavalier in February, I received a comment from a Queens reader that some jackass workman named Tom, gutting the place the day after the closing, decided to saw the ancient bar in half "cause he thought it would be funny."

Tom wasn't whistling Dixie. In the area yesterday, I peeked through the window and saw that, indeed, a big three-foot section had been sliced out of the center of bar. (See lousy picture above, taken through a dusty window.) I'm guessing as a way to removed valuable beer taps or some other piece of bar equipment. Bastards.

Otherwise, the owners of the Cavalier made good of their promise to take everything with them. Booths, pictures, tables—gone. Also the great neon sign. You can still see where the letters once were.

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BrooksNYC said...

(What the hell is wrong with them?)