15 March 2010

Change of View

You're walking down a typical residential street in Jackson Heights, Queens, and you seen a lot of home like this:

And you see a lot of houses like this:

Then, out of nowhere, you get one like this!

The man likes his windows, no? Likes some of that good old sunlight? Or is a giant, maybe, and hates stooping down to look outside.

Striking. So are we dealing to two floors here or one high-ceiling level? And where do you get curtains that long? Kinda like it. Sorta suspect his neighbors hate it, though.


StreetsWorth said...

the house with the long window is located on 86th between 34th and northern blvd,

Jill said...

Have you come across the houses that are installing tubular fake gold metal fencing and fake stone fronts on their houses? This has really taken off in Forest Hills and I suspect Jackson Heights is not far behind.

JHer said...

Grew up in JH, and my parents said that the author Frank Yerby lived in that house, circa 1950s -1960s, and he and his family did the window change.