29 March 2010

More 1978 New York Pictures

The photos I posted from a 1978 tourist picture book received such a warm response that I've decided to share a few others.

Above is Puglia Restaurant in Little Italy, looking very much as it does today. (It's still around.)

Above and below are a couple of tasty shots of Chinatown. The book is not very good as specifying streets. Maybe someone out there can name the specific locations.

The below picture is of a Times Square area restaurant called Act 1. It was actually located inside No. 1 Times Square. Does anyone remember this place? It couldn't have been long lived. Looks kinda Maxwell's Plum-ish

The above is an easily recognizable scene, owing to the distinctive arch on the ground-floor space of the building on the left. It's Bleecker Street, just east of Seventh. Ottomanelli's is center.

A view of lower Manhattan featuring the Twin Towers and the always-hideous phone company tower— which at least doesn't have Verizon's neon red checkmark yet.

A shot of Times Square complete with a huge liquor ad for Gordon's gin. And Bond's men's clothing store still existed! Note the marquee for "Thank God It's Friday." "Quasimodo" was a Broadway musical of the time. Actually, it was only announced for Broadway. A demo recording was made, but the show never came to town. Probably with good reason.

A few of you seemed rather moved by the sight of the old Coogan Building on Sixth Avenue, which was torn down a decade ago. So here's a close-up of it. Enjoy.


T said...

The Chinatown photo looks like its taken on the corner of Pell and Doyer, looking toward Confucius Plaza in the background. Joe's Shanghai should be just a bit further down to your right.

Eve said...

The first Chinatown photo was taken on Mott St between Bayard & Canal, pointing NW.

Melanie said...

I have eaten at Puglia's Restaurant--it's a great old timey place.

mingusal said...

I think Bond's closed right around this time. I know it sat empty for a few years before the place opened as the Bond International Casino, site of a famous (infamous?) series of Clash shows in 1981.

Sue said...

I think Act 1 was on the top floor of the building, and later became an Indian-influenced club called Nirvana.

Anonymous said...

The 1st Chinatown photo is definitely Mott -- that is right around the time Big Wong opened