01 March 2010

Some Stuff That's Interesting

The ritzy, and historical, Little Red Schoolhouse in Greenwich Village is moving. [Greenwich Village Daily Photo]

A Brownsville church to be torn down for affordable housing. [Daily News via Queens Crap]

The Mingala Burmese Restaurant on E. 7th Street in the East Village (above), a mainstay for 20 years, has closed. I had planned to make this a future subject of my "Who Goes There?" column on Eater. Now that column will never be. [EV Grieve]

Courts and Ratner are still pretending that Atlantic Yards is still going to happen. [City Room]

Bowery Lighting District biggies Elite Lighting (40 years old) and J&P Lighting (15 years in the area) are closing. J&P is moving back to Hicksville. [Bowery Boogie]

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