18 March 2010

Comment of the Day

From Ed:

I remember that when I was a kid in the 1970s, Brooklyn Union Gas used to put eggs in the windows of its headquarters on Montague Street. Around Easter the eggs would hatch. We would go and watch the eggs develop, and then go and see the chicks.
Brooklyn Union Gas is now called something else and later moved, I think to Metrotech. I'm pretty sure they don't do this anymore.
If anyone is wondering why there are so many nostalgic blogs for "the old New York", there used to be a lot of cool things like this, in fact they weren't even considered to be that remarkable, and now, not so many.

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Ed, this wonderful easter treat , usually with ducks, did make the trip to Metrotech, but not for long. BUG also used to display a revolving "wedding cake" shaped stage with statues. When I was 8 and obsessed with the presidents, I noticed that Polk was in the wrong place. My mom marched us into the office and told them. New York was filled with little wonderful moments and sites that no one took for granted. Not then, and not now.