09 March 2010

Extra Discount If You Know How to Spell

At Boom.


Knows how to Spell said...

Hey wise-ass,

You misspelled "Gilded" in your above post on the Siegel-Cooper store. I wouldn't mention it, except you seem to enjoy snarking about the errors of others.

Also, this: "A brass statue called 'The Republic,' a replica of a sculpture at the Chicago World's Fair by Daniel Chester French, was surrounding by spurting jets of water, which were illuminated by colored lights."

"Surrounding"? Really?

You might want to start re-reading your entries before posting them.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

I corrected those errors. Said it before, will say it again: Am a blogger; got no copyeditor.

And none of those errors are as bad as "pre-fix."

Btw, Merriam-Webster prefers "wiseass." No hyphen.

Knows how to Spell said...

"And none of those errors are as bad as 'pre-fix.'"

OK, but supposedly, you're a professional writer. You're expected to know better. And yet you choose to pick on some poor waiter or busboy who's probably working for tips. Very petty.

Being a blogger is no excuse for being a slob. Whining about not having a copy editor is pretty lame coming from you. Someone of your age and experience really shouldn't need one.

Man up, dude.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Sorry. I don't accept upbraidings from people who say things like "Man Up, dude." It's the sort of vocabulary that comes from a guy who's never "manned up" in his life.

Lawrence said...

You do realize it was probably written by a kitchen worker whose first language isn't English, much less French right?

I just found your blog tonight, looking at some interesting things, but this post pretty much assures i won't be bookmarking it. A real New Yorker doesn't mock ethnic restaurant workers for their misspelling of a French phrase. Maybe suburbia is more your speed.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Lawrence: I wouldn't want someone who pronounces such a heavy judgement based entirely on assumed information to revisit my blog anyway. Ta-ta.

I also immediately stop listening to people when they start saying "real New Yorker."