11 March 2010

Comment of the Day

Regarding the odd-looking renovation of 143 Spring Street (the Crocs building), the knowledgeable-sounding Amalgam writes:

The face bricks on the Spring Street façade demonstrate the many alterations the building has endured incorporating salvaged bricks originally sourced from the Walter A. Underhill Brickyard, Croton Point, NY, and the Hutton Brick Company, East Kingston, NY. More than half of the restored façade uses the original face bricks, which were recycled as they were in several previous reconstructions occurring between the Civil War and the mid twentieth century.
The Spring Street Façade having been found unstable by the Department of Buildings during repairs was carefully dismantled and many of the original bricks retained for reuse. 
The contrast of the new and old bricks tells the story of the neighborhood and of how buildings endure – reassembled and restored.

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