24 March 2010

O'Connor's Has an Awning Problem

Did the classic Park Slope dive O'Connor's lose its awning in the recent three-day blow that unleashed such wind damage on New York and its environs?

Walked by recently and all that was left was the skeleton of the awning. There's just a Tullamore Dew banner protected the poor old bar now. The naked front, however, resolved a nagging question in my head. It's now clear that there was no older, cooler sign hiding beneath the newish awning. Just some cinder blocks.

Below is how O'Connor's looked with the now absent awning.


Dan said...

Dropped by as usual last week to see Chris the bartender and the usual crowd and he told me that yes- the awning had been blown partially off by the wind during the storm last weekend, and the owner took it down the rest of the way afterwards.

They're hoping to get a new sign soon. In the meanwhile- it has a certain anonymous mystique.

mingusal said...

There was a painted sign - a very plain one - where that blocked-in rectangle is on the front now. It was there for years until the awning was put in relatively recently.