02 March 2010

DOT Removes One Of City's Last Bishop's Crook Lampposts

The City, in its infinite stupidity, has yanked up by the roots on of the metropolis' last original Bishop's Crook Lampposts. It stood at State and Bridge opposite Battery Park and, according to Forgotten New York, "in late 2009 the Department of Transportation installed a regulation octagonal-shafted aluminum post next to it, and you had the feeling the Crook's days were numbered. They were -- the DOT removed the Type 24M post in February 2010."

This, even thought "DOT has been spending a couple of decades installing retro versions of the major genres of old-fashioned NYC lampposts that dominated the streets from 1910-1950 -- bishop crooks, long-armed Corvingtons, Twinlamps and Type F reverse-scrolls." Smart, huh?


Elizabeth said...

So... if it's landmarked, can't we demand an explanation, if there is one, or complain, if there isn't? Whom do we write to/call?

Unknown said...

"This, even thought DOT has been spending a couple of decades installing retro versions.....".
Maybe its because they instaling them they have to exterminate the old ones.The more lamps they install the more money they make.
Old lamps are unfair competitio.So old and they still don't rust away?
Iwould call the WTO to give them a fine.