08 March 2010

New Spring Lost City Walking Tours of Carroll Gardens Announced!

It's 58 degrees outside and winter is on its way out, meaning it's time to start up the Lost City walking tours again.

I began the tours last November, with two surveys of the Columbia Waterfront District and one of Cobble Hill. All three were wonderful experiences, and I couldn't have asked for nicer and more enthusiastic people than those who attended.

I had to cancel the final tour, which was to be of Carroll Gardens, due to a snowstorm. And so it is with Carroll Gardens that I begin the spring series of tours. I will do two tours back to back on the final weekend of March, one at 11 AM, Saturday, March 27, and one at 11 AM, Sunday, March 28. Each tour will begin at the war memorial in the center of Carroll Park. We will learn about that park, the third oldest in Brooklyn; why the neighborhood has "gardens" in its name; a terrible murder on Third Street; about the area's little known Norwegian and German histories; visits the former homes of churches, brothels, social clubs, political clubs and Pulitzer Prize-winner; and sample local foodstuffs. The tour lasts two hours and the cost is $20 per person.

If you're interested, please make a reservation by contacting me at lostcitybrooks@gmail.com. (Or click the "Contact Me" link to the right.)

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