05 March 2010

Norah's House of the Seven Windows Complete!

It's the one, it's the one, the one they call the seventh window.

Seven windows Norah Jones wanted, and seven windows she got. In a surprising move, there are four on the first floor of her newly purchased Cobble Hill townhouse, three on the top floor, and none on the second. Hm. Bedroom on the second floor, I'm thinking.

For the record, I have no real problem with these windows. They look fine and natural. And I don't think any Cobble Hill preservationist has a problem with them, either. It's the precedent that worries people. Precedents are worrisome. Just look at the aftermath of the Supreme Court's disastrous New London eminent domain decision, to cite one huge example.

But, here's to you Norah. Looking forward to the first house party.

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Lifeofkaylen said...

Wow...that's hideous.