16 March 2010

Easter Is Coming to Court Street

Marzipan lambs have appeared in the window of Court Street Pastry. Patriotic little lambies, too, who love Italy and the U.S. of A.

When I grew up, there were no marzipan lambs, only chocolate bunnies. But then, we were Protestants, and had no sense of flair or iconography.


Jen Wojtowicz said...

Polish people bring butter shaped like a lamb to church to be blessed at Easter. But that marzipan....mmmm!

Ed said...

I remember that when I was a kid in the 1970s, Brooklyn Union Gas used to put eggs in the windows of its headquarters on Montague Street. Around Easter the eggs would hatch. We would go and watch the eggs develop, and then go and see the chicks.

Brooklyn Union Gas is now called something else and later moved, I think to Metrotech. I'm pretty sure they don't do this anymore.

If anyone is wondering why there are so many nostalgic blogs for "the old New York", there used to be a lot of cool things like this, in fact they weren't even considered to be that remarkable, and now, not so many.

Anne Phelan said...

I was raised Irish Catholic, and lamb cakes are key to Easter dinner. My mother has two lambcake molds, maybe three. Though she uses marshmallow frosting to stick the coconut to (so it looks fleecy, which tastes pretty nasty.)

kai said...

the gas company did move to metrotech, and last i checked (this was a few years ago, but definitely after the move), they still had ducklings hatching and playing in window displays for easter :)