31 March 2010

Delight on Degraw Already for Sale!

Back in 2008, I spent a good deal of time happily chronicling the extensive and meticulous renovation of the an 1844 Greek Revival mansion at the corner of Henry and Degraw Streets, in Cobble Hill. It was one of the most faithful (and, I'm sure, expensive) revamps I'd ever seen in the South Brooklyn area. The owners truly beautified the neighborhood by reclaiming the buidling and bringing it back to its former glory.

I thought the people who lavished such care on this structure would surely choose to live in it for years to come, proud of their accomplishment. But, no. Hardly months after the renovation was finally complete, the house is up for sale!

The asking price? $7 million! Which I guess is kinda, sorta fair when taken in context (that is, the context of the New York real estate market, which is to say: insane), and given that there's a roof garden, garden, and the house is one of the only stand-alone structures in the areas, and completely restored.

Well, the sale solves one of my problems, anyway. I no longer have to angle for a way to get inside. Brown Harris Stevens has kindly posted a number of fine photos. The prevailing interior design scheme: overstuffed.


Gary said...

This place is absolutely stunning - I've enjoyed watching the reno from the beginning too.

Unfortunately, I will never be able to afford such a place, but I do appreciate the builder's contribution to the hood.

Elizabeth said...

I bet Norah Jones is pissed that this wasn't on the market when she was shopping, it already has a lot more windows!