10 March 2010

Frankie & Johnnie's New Ground Floor Bar to Open Next Week

As reported in January, legendary Times Square steakhouse, and former speakeasy, Frankie & Johnnie's decided to ashcan its tiny, secretive and historic second-floor bar in favor of a "clean and dull" alternative, as well as plans for a ground-floor bar in what used to be a side room of the former Barrymore's place. Barrymore's used to sit next door to F&J's before a bunch of greedy clods decided to shut it down in favor of building a high-rise hotel that was never built.

While the renovation is a regrettable decision on F&J's part, there is the slim possibility that the new downstairs bar may be slightly awesome.

I walked by yesterday and construction was well-advanced. A workman told me the bar would be open for business in "a week." It will be a miniscule place, barely a coatroom. Literally a hole in the wall. But it's snugness, and its location right on the lip of the sidewalk, may make it kinda cool. A few Broadway theatres stand right across the street. I could see dashing into the bar during intermission for a refresher. And perhaps no bar in the area will have a better view of the passing parade. The place looks promising.

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M.Lane said...

Hi! I can't wait to hear about this bar once it opens. I agree it has the feel of a great place.

I haven't left a comment in a bit, but I really enjoy LC. Thanks.