30 March 2010

A Perfect Storefront: Wash Dry

There's a certain poetry in the ramshackle appearance of the Eighth Avenue and 13th Street laundromat in Park Slope. The fake folksy brickface joined to the swingingly modern red diamonds spelling out "Wash" and "Dry" on both sides. And everything's been left to thrillingly go to pot. The facade is caked in dirt and water-stained. The ribbed metal awnings have been faded by the sun. The metal gates on the windows are rusted. The plants are dead. Even the plastic seats outside are barely there, barely recognizable as chairs. And yet, business inside goes briskly on, chugging away. It's a disaster. Yet, it's wonderful-looking.

1 comment:

BrooksNYC said...

It's sublime. I'm especially fond of the "Jetsons" diamond lettering.

The place looks late '60s, early '70s, wouldn't you say?

Great find.