09 March 2010

Some Stuff That's Interesting

Guss' Pickles of (ahem) Cedarhurst and Russ' Daughters may collaboration. At least Guss' hopes so. (Russ, not so much.) I guess he finally figured out that hanging out a shingle with a classic Lower East Side name in Cedarhurst doesn't really play, authenticity-wise. [Grub Street]

There is now a "Save Ray's" clothing line. So, when's the reality show airing? [EV Grieve]

The Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Martyr Protection (Yeesh, what a name!) is on the calendar for landmarking. You mean it wasn't landmarked already? The thing is 143 years old! [Bowery Boogie]

Brooklyn developers continue to lie that the Gowanus Canal's Superfund designation is costing them business, not other things like the bad economy and the fact that the canal is freaking poisonous and has been for decades and no one would want to live next to it. [NY Post]

NYU construction swallows up "preserved" Provincetown Playhouse. Swine. [Curbed]

A "giant roped by Lilliputians." [Restless]

A profile Lana's Barber Shop on Henry Street. I go there. So does Daily News columnist Stanley Crouch, for the record. [The Carroll Gardens Diary]

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