17 March 2010

Plywood Action at Court and Degraw

Way, way, way back in spring 2007, there was a mighty bit of action on the corner of Court and Degraw in Cobble Hill. Construction was underway in the former OTB location with local scuttlebutt being the place would be owned and run by the same guys who own P.J. Hanley's, and ancient tavern just down the road, and South Brooklyn Pizza, not to mention a rockin' apartment in TriBeCa. I remember a notice on the plywood saying the coming French bistro was applying for a sidewalk-seating license.

Then everything stopped, and the boarded up corner space was silent for months....years.

Well, something new is going on. The place has a new set of plywood, and it's all-encompassing. That place is boarded up tighter than a drum. And there's a new set of building certificates outside. So, are the Hanley's dudes still involved? They seem to be expanding a lot lately.

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Brett said...

I miss the OTB. I used to pick up my daughter at day care and then wait for the B71 to Park Slope. If I caught the right bus there was the same driver and the same guy leaving OTB every day. The OTB guy would then describe his gambling day to the driver. I loved listening to their conversation, they sounded like old friends.