01 March 2010

The Pink Tea Cup Returns!

Reports Eater:

While new owner Lawrence Page would like readers to know the facade will look totally different once the restaurant is completed, he confirms that the above spot at 88 7th Ave. South is the new location of The Pink Tea Cup, the 55-year-old soul food restaurant that unfortunately closed over on Bleecker St. after the New Year. The new location will have an updated menu— he says he has hired a "better" chef—which will consist of comfort food with a "gourmet twist," such as duck with chutney sauce, jumbo shrimp with grits, baked chicken and healthy options for those who have high blood pressure/cholesterol.
The exterior will be remodeled, and the windows will slide open during the summertime. As reported earlier, Page bought the name for $400k from the previous owners in an attempt to salvage the icon, keep the spirit of the place alive, and, one assumes, to ride out that reputation.
The restaurant will open in May and a new "A-list" lounge will be opening underneath Actor's Playhouse (which he also owns), located next door, around the summertime. 
That's the old Sweet Basil space if I'm not mistaken.


mingusal said...

That was indeed Sweet Basil Saw so many great acts there over the years, from Art Blakey to Cecil Taylor to those Sunday brunches with Doc Cheatham.

J said...

The Pink Teacup -- despite the less than healthy menu -- was FABULOUS! Don't lose the faithful by elininating the old menu -- add to it but don't lose the essence!